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Career Guidance

Dr. Smith has given presentations worldwide about career development for veterinarians. She is well-versed on issues regarding women, economics, and work. She has published in-depth articles about gender issues in veterinary medicine, and is known for her ability to draw men and women of all ages into an intelligent, stimulating discussion of issues, answers, and possibilities.

Dr. Smith has a thorough understanding of issues surrounding part-time and relief work. Her books FlexVet and Team Satisfaction Pays describe ways to create life-friendly schedules for veterinarians. Dr. Smith successfully presented the case of the relief veterinarian as an independent contractor to the state of Washington (Employment Security and Labor & Industries boards, responsible for Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment insurance coverage). This presentation and discussion was followed by the publication of guidelines to be used by relief veterinarians to determine their IC status in the state (1992; successfully challenged [upheld] in 2002 and 2012.) The Relief Veterinarian’s Manual (Now FlexVet) is purchased by many law firms as a reference guide.

Veterinary teaching hospitals welcome Dr. Smith as a speaker for students interested in learning about diverse career paths within veterinary medicine. She offers seminars for students that include career choices, job selection and fit, negotiation, and tips for integrating life style choices with career aspirations. Her career choices workshops utilize information from her book, Career Choices for Veterinarians.

Professional and Personal Career Planning

We evaluate trends in the veterinary profession and how those trends affect career opportunities for veterinarians and the veterinary job market. We have developed a thorough knowledge of all career paths open to veterinarians, including the current and future outlook for growth in specific areas, based on national and international trends. We assist associations and individuals in evaluating the effects of these trends and in determining appropriate positive action steps. Dr. Smith’s classic Career Choices for Veterinarians has helped veterinarians, from graduation through midlife crisis and retirement, to find fulfilling work that fits their lives.

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