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Facilitation Services

Groups often have great energy and great ideas, but sometimes nothing gets done. Do you have a project you’d like to see completed? Do you need help prioritizing and creating an action plan? Or, does your group have a thorny issue to address? No matter what your concern or your goal, you can achieve greater satisfaction and obtain clearer results by using a professional facilitator.

“For those who haven’t had the opportunity to work with Carin, she delivers — but the ideas are ours.”

Dr. Smith helps teams to focus, prioritize, and act. She has worked with groups to help them establish medical guidelines and practice standards; to sort and prioritize projects; and to evaluate the effectiveness of current programs and determine the best way to focus future energy.

Let Dr. Smith take care of the process so that you can concentrate on the fulfillment of your ideas. She comes to you as a neutral facilitator who helps focus energy, draws out the best from all participants, and targets specific actions that lead to results.

Dr. Smith has formal and practical training in group facilitation, group conflict resolution, and mediation. She is skilled at bringing out the best in each individual of a group, and in eliciting common interests that help groups move forward.

As a technical writer and editor, Dr. Smith can also help your group create a final written product. She works as a neutral facilitator and editor to ensure that you clarify the goals of your publication, join diverse opinions within one document, and meet any necessary standards for publication. Many of these projects begin with a 1- or 2-day meeting of the group, followed by electronic communication to finalize the product. Dr. Smith can facilitate the entire process so that you know the project will be completed, on time, with satisfaction by all who are involved.

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