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Hiring Dr. Smith

Hiring Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith loves working with veterinary students! Send her a note (see the contact us page) about your potential dates and any specific topics of interest. It’s best to plan ahead by at least 6 months. We suggest setting aside a half day to a full day for her workshops and presentations. Topics that are of particular interest to students include negotiation (sticky points, illegal questions, evaluating offers); career planning; finding a good match in your first job; and making changes at work. See the workshops page for more ideas.

Dr. Smith is available for speaking and training anywhere in the world. Send her a note (via the contact us page) describing your interests and any potential dates you have in mind. She can work with you to define the specific topics and approaches that would best suit the needs of your specific audience. It is best to plan ahead by at least 6 to 12 months to be sure you get the dates you want.

Yes. See the details under “changing careers,” in the menu to the left.

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