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What attendees say about Dr. Smith’s workshops
  • “She was great! Kept things interesting and fun!”
  • “Very enthusiastic and kept everyone involved. It kept me interested and made the day go fast.”
  • “Very passionate, funny and engaging speaker. I liked the use of many real world examples to illustrate her points.”
  • “Very knowledgeable. I really like the amount of ideas she touched on.”
  • “Great participation and hands on learning.”
  • “A lot of knowledge, and she made the info exciting.”
  • “Dr. Smith was engaging, funny and real. This was a great series of sessions and so beneficial, regardless of practice size or specialty!”
  • “The process was excellent! Our Vet staff has tried out some techniques already, and they work! From inception Dr. Smith followed a clear and steady course to assure that the seminar was valuable—from asking the right questions, to the ‘interactive-non-judgmental’ approach during the presentation. I learned a great deal about our staff and about the complexity of Vet/Client relationships. Communication issues are so rarely broached effectively in our profession especially with veterinarians. Dr. Smith really captured it, in a way that was embraced and not ‘resented.'”
  • “I admit I was a little hesitant as to what to expect, but Dr. Smith was so practical and addressed so well what veterinarians are faced with that I was suddenly looking forward to the rest of the meeting.”
  • “Informative and interesting; much better than just listening to someone speak about a topic behind a podium.”
  • “Very knowledgeable about the subject. Made it very easy to relate to the real world/veterinary world.”
  • “Talking out the career visions with other attendees really made it easier to foresee it and believe it could come true.”
  • “I felt so much better when I found out that nearly every other associate was enduring some of the same issues in their practice that I was. I am not alone.”
  • “Thank you Dr. Smith for an educational and fun session. You are a wonderful speaker!”
  • “I learned that I have as much influence and power over my job and life as any vet. I know how to find the right job for me.”
  • “What made this so useful was the use of real examples. It is easy to tell someone how it is, but it is refreshing to also be shown ways to handle specific situations.”
  • “I learned a lot about things I never thought of. Thanks!”
  • “I am glad I sacrificed my time to attend.”
  • “I learned how to handle the maternity leave question during a job interview.”
  • “This seminar was the first one that I have been to, that brought in “real life” rather than “ideal life.”
  • “This was a great seminar tailored to meet the needs of our organization.”

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