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Our presentations and training workshops are always interactive and learner-focused, using real situations, solutions, and ideas for improvement.

Professional and Personal Career Planning

We evaluate trends in the veterinary profession and how those trends affect career opportunities for veterinarians and the veterinary job market. We have developed a thorough knowledge of all career paths open to veterinarians, including the current and future outlook for growth in specific areas, based on national and international trends. We assist associations and individuals in evaluating the effects of these trends and in determining appropriate positive action steps. Dr. Smith’s classic “Career Choices for Veterinarians” has helped veterinarians, from graduation through midlife crisis and retirement, to find fulfilling work that fits their lives.

Our focus is on process and people.

We help you answer these questions:

How do we …

  • Know what’s important?
  • Make decisions?
  • Communicate one-to-one?
  • Communicate as a group?
  • Prioritize?
  • Evaluate performance?
  • Evaluate how workplace behavior affects numbers and outcomes?
  • Change behavior at work? (Ours, and others’.)
  • Improve those processes?

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