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Flexible Work

Flexible Work

Relief doctors are self-employed individuals who provide temporary relief for situations such as vacations or holidays. Part-time doctors are employees who work regularly, even if it is only one day a week, at one or more hospitals. The details about the difference are elucidated in the book “FlexVet.”

Relief work involves working full-time on a temporary basis. Thus, it is not a “family-friendly” schedule. Relievers can decide whether to work any given week of the year, but in general, one must work full shifts each day. People who want regular, predictable time with their families are better off choosing part-time work.

Part-timers can be loyal, long-term team members, if they are treated as such. Ask them to participate in creating scheduling and structure that ensures all hours and work are covered, and there is clear communication across shifts. Details about how to do this are described in the book FlexVet.

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