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For the Employer:

  • Utilize part-time veterinarians to fill your long-term need for extra help. Use relief veterinarians on a temporary basis to fill your need when you are away at CE or vacations. (See FlexVet book for tax tips on the differences.)
  • Welcome your Flex-Vet as part of your team. Express enthusiasm to your entire team about the role of the part-time or relief veterinarian.
  • Provide pro-rated benefits to every part-time veterinarian.
  • Make an effort to educate clients about the time-availability of each veterinarian. The entire team must express positive support of every veterinarian so that clients feel confident about their pet’s care, no matter which veterinarian sees them.
  • Create standards for service and medical approaches to ensure consistency. Medical record keeping must be outstanding!
  • Create a time to talk with your Flex-Vet, both individually and with the team (team meetings must be coordinated).