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I think I want to change my career path. How should I start?

Instead of first thinking of jobs, first look at your priorities. Dr. Smith suggests you do a self-assessment whereby you look at your ‘life priorities’ and ‘must-haves,’ starting with where you can live. If you have geographic limitations then you would have fewer or different options. If you do want to stay at or near where you currently live, then look at what is around you — community colleges, medical facilities, or business/companies that you might find interesting. There is a lot of overlap with veterinary and other health care fields, so consider positions in fields such as human medical research or medical writing. You may also be qualified to teach science courses at a local college, or at a veterinary technology school. Find out whether any human or animal pharmaceutical or pet food companies have offices near you.

When location is not a priority, then make a list of the daily activities you like best. Do you want a physically active job? Do you want to travel (daily, by car, or nationwide, or internationally? Do you like teaching? Are you interested in being self-employed? Answering these questions can lead you to the career path that will offer you the best fit.