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FlexVet Guide for Relief/Part-time

FlexVet: How To Be One, How To Hire One  2019 Revised Edition!

The Comprehensive Practice Guide for Relief and Part-time Veterinarians

FlexVet  is your essential guide for relief and part-time veterinarians! Be sure you understand your tax status, avoid costly audits over mistaken classification, and reap the benefits of hiring or being a flexible veterinarian! FlexVet includes information for relief vets, employees and employers to better control their lives and schedules. Practice owners and practice managers can assess their needs and then find the appropriate person to fill those needs. Veterinarians who desire more flexibility or choice can determine whether relief or part-time work is best for their situation. No matter what your position, the tools in this book can help you find the right match.

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Self-assessment quizzes

Do I need a technician, a relief veterinarian, or a part-time veterinarian?

How to find the best match for your practice culture

Checklists for hiring relief and part-time veterinarians

Insurance needs for flex-vets (and who pays)

Part-Time Veterinarians

Part-timer scheduling: Coordinating your needs with theirs

(Useful for other part-time team members, too!)

Step-by-step guide for creating a part-timer’s contract

Variations of flexible and part-time work schedules

including job-sharing, flex-time, compressed work weeks, seasonal work, and more

What’s best for me—relief or part-time work?

Relief Veterinarians

Contract tips and samples

Guide to setting fees and policies

Pre-work checklists for relievers and employers

Independent contractor criteria

Tips for the Whole Team

Tips for enhancing teamwork with flex-vets

Checklists to improve consistency and continuity

Communicating with clients to increase their acceptance and trust of flex-vets

Crucial steps to develop seamless transitions between shifts

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