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Housecall Practice

Housecall Practice

A housecall vet usually uses an ordinary car or van, and carries minimal equipment. Services are confined to minor procedures, “wellness” care, behavior, nutrition, and hospice. A mobile veterinarian uses a “hospital on wheels,” which may contain equipment for surgery and radiology.

Yes, but it is loosely organized and the contact people continually change. If you attend any large national veterinary meeting, you may find a notice about an informal meeting of the American Association of Housecall Veterinarians. Another option is to look in your own local phone book under “veterinarians,” for “housecall.” Veterinarians who participate in the Veterinary Information Network may talk with other housecall doctors on that site. Also look for the House Call veterinarian’s group on Linked In.

No one keeps track of the number of housecall veterinarians. It appears that there are many veterinarians interested in this kind of work, and many pet owners who appreciate the service.

Housecall practice is good for anyone who has the initiative to run their own business. It allows one to control their own schedule. However, as with other “work from home” jobs, it is work, and thus child care is not necessarily easier. It does allow people to create a schedule that fits with their childrens’ schedules, though.

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